About Us

Datar & Sons is a ISO certified company and holder of an industrial license in Ajman, U.A.E. for manufacturing, packaging, supply and marketing. Our focus on optimization and innovative production is key to our products being billed as tasty, fresh and among the best in the market.

Datar & Sons Ltd. is a name associated with quality foodstuff for the last 30 years. Since our inception, we have strives to provide the migrant Asian community with spices of their homeland, right at their doorstep. Our resolve to serve them has been the driving force behind our mission.

We are also one of the largest trading houses in the United Arab Emirates, importing and exporting spices and grains from all over the world. Leveraging our manufacturing and trading abilities, we have expanded into packaged foodstuff with the introduction of our own brand of daily consumption products.

Today we are led by the highly dedicated, experienced and professional expert Mr. Sanjay M. Datar. The force behind the company’s success is his dedicated research and development along with his obsession for continual improvement and innovation in daily consumption products.

Our production, processing and packaging procedure have been aligned to be the best in class. Our diligently sourced raw materials are put through an extensive cleaning process before they are processed in our manufacturing plant. All products are then put through stringent quality tests before being packaged and stored at our cold storage. This process ensures that our fresh, tasty products remain that way until its use.

Quality in foodstuffs has to
deliver on three main parameters
and those are purity freshness and hygiene.


Processing of spices includes:


We clean the crop before processing. The first stage is to remove dust and dirt by using destoners and vibrators. After cleaning if required roasting process is done to maintain moisture content of the raw material.


Spices are graded by size, density, colour, shape and flavour.


Grinding is done by powered grinding mills after ensuring the quality of the raw material. We have different types of grinding mills for different products. We placed the grinding mills in a separate and well-ventilated room keeping it safe from dust. Utmost care is given to ensure uniform sized pieces/powders is extracted after grinding without any damage to the spices caused by heating during grinding.


We understand the importance of packaging and preservation of our products. We are equipped with sophisticated equipment and packaging facilities to prevent our product from spoilage and preserve their freshness, colour, taste and aroma. Our packaging preference depends on type of spice whether it is ground or intact and the humidity of the air.


We carry out various allied activities like manufacturing, processing and export of widely popular Asian products including different types of flours, spices, oilseeds, pulses, pickles, sauces, chutneys, syrups, pappadams, canned foods, mouth fresheners, mukhwas, items and general food products.